Funny Fairy Tale

hair from the headA Hair from the Head of a Prince 

Is your theater group looking for a musical comedy that is fun to produce and a hit with audiences? Look no further than A Hair from the Head of a Prince. This delightful two-act show spoofs fairy tales, pop culture and modern-day life, using just about every kind of music imaginable, from hip-hop and calypso to tango and rock and roll. It’s a fairy tale, but one with a modern twist, and it’s definitely not just for kids. Actors love performing it, and audiences love watching it.

With A Hair from the Head of a Prince, you’ll meet the fashion-conscious Princess Bambie Lou of the Kingdom of Bloomingdale, the pathetic Princess Raylene of the Kingdom of Dallas, and others entering a contest for the reluctant Prince Norman’s hand in marriage. His Birkenstock-wearing fairy godmother tries to help by cleansing his aura, and the result is an evening of laughter.

The show is jam-packed with fun, mixing up the old and the new. Though it is set in a mythical kingdom filled with royalty, knights, ladies-in-waiting, dragons, and even a wicked troll, it is filled with anachronistic references to modern-day life. Radio hosts Frank and Judy, for example, provide Oscar-like commentary regarding the attire of the guests arriving at a royal ball. Prince Norman loves junk food, like chips and dip. Prince Douglas explains his appeal to women with a hip-hop number, “Buzz, Buzz.”

A Hair from the Head of a Prince is licensed through Enthusic Music. Listen to the songs and find out more by clicking here.